“I kinda just want to make something of myself,” Heather says matter-of-factly, with a laugh. “In my opinion, to be respected as a professional comes from really believing in and living what you do, not just being successful.”

Heather describes her first pilgrimage to Coachella almost a decade ago, as well as rattling off a roster of favorite vocalists (with much diversity): from Patsy Cline to Mariah Carey, Jeff Buckley to Jeff Tweedy. Obviously her inspiration spans genres - but the indie music scene of our era, along with the festival circuit, inspired her to fine-tune her sound and make it her own. 

In fact, the idea of “warping a genre” is thematic for Heather. Creating an iteration on a genre is extremely important in both becoming distinct and unique as well as being true to oneself. This could almost be viewed as a devotion to what truly inspires the artist: both in the music they love and the world they live in. “Love is ultimately what inspires me - the existence, and sometimes absence of love (and heartbreak) is something everyone can identify with.”

Like many other artists before, Heather does not have any “formal” music education. Completely self-taught, and in some cases learning backwards, completely from the ear. “I wanted to discover what made me love music,” she says - which resulted in an organic, self-driven approach. “I didn’t want to learn, I just wanted to listen.”

Unique, powerful, passionate: all words she uses to affectionately describe those artists she respects. It’s commonly accepted that you can’t teach style, you can’t teach talent, and you can’t teach obsession - or rather - passion. Heather has all these things, presumably because of her process. As she states, the essence of music is sharing a genuine personal feeling with others. Heather describes her view of music as her type of spirituality, as it comes from both within and everywhere, as something that she feels is her real connection with the world.

“Fan-driven” doesn’t even begin to describe her approach to performing. Heather believes that a career in music actually takes shape based on continual support from people who believe in you - which essentially never changes.

Starry-eyed, she says: “I do it so somebody may feel the way I did the first time I attended Coachella at age 18. I do it so someone could feel the way I do about music someday - sharing music comes from a desire to inspire others. Specifically, to drop what’s less important to them and pursue their passion. It’s so much more for other people than for me."

- Kevin Sutton